Finance and money

How do we pay for all this in the meantime? As money is based on trust, will our paper be worth anything?

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Discussion Points:

  • Living without pensions, investment incomes, rents
  • We should expect money to dry up, circulation speed of money to drop
  • The role of money, coinage, Bitcoins, LETS and barter
  • Role of banks in the interim, would we lose faith in paper money
  • Seed money right now to get this going
  • What happens to mortgages, if we cant pay
  • If the banks repossess, who should own our properties
  • What happens to rents, will owners be stopped from making evictions
  • Insurance will dry up, would happen early, before the end of banks
  • Community effort to repair when no insurance
  • We need financial wizards, lawyers, systems analysts, planners