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June 11, 2017.
    Greeting everyone.

    The Eco Platform website has been created.  It is at www.TheEcoPlatform.com

    The main functions of the website currently are:

    1. To Educate people about the coming changes to the planet, and how we live our lives will be changed. See Home

    2. To devise strategies to safeguard the people of this area from the coming impact of global heating. See Essential Actions

    3. To encourage people to discuss issues through chat groups. Join Groups here

    4. To have a repository of prepared material that can be downloaded and utilised. You can see what has been uploaded so far here,including John Seymour's classic The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency. See here

    5. To have a contact data base showing skills and interests of members, much like the yellow pages. We will be using something like www.WhosAroundHere.com (being  finalised)

    This is a User Participation website.  It is quite impossible to keep up to date with all advances in energy creation, for example, and so we encourage you to add solutions to the Question and Answer Google group, and to upload documents to the File Storage facility provided.

    More information will send out another in a few days.

    Most of the education material has been provided by the instigator of the Eco Platform, John James.  John has done a fabulous job at collecting material and thinking of problems that need to be thought about and solved.  And his continuing newsletter keeps us alert to what is happening.  Thank you John.

    So please have a look around the site, and make suggestions.  There will be many good ideas coming forth, of that I am sure.  While this website has started in the NSW South Coast, some provisions have been made to encourage discussions in other parts of the world.  We need to be prepared.

    There is a certain amount of urgency involved in this project.  While many excellent groups and websites have been set up (for example, SCPA for food, transition towns and so on), this site is an attempt to act as a Platform for a better world for all, not just survival.  Of course, there will be some parts that talk about survival - however the emphasis is on positive actions, such as creating clean energy, clean water, clean food, a monetary system that works for all so that we can create beauty and joyful living.

    So please join us and either send ideas in this forum, or directly to John or myself, or upload documents here, or add knowledge to the Question and Answer forum here.

    And please ask your friends to join in too.  All they have to do is send a blank email to: newsubscribers+subscribe@theecoplatform.com

    John James and Clem Clarke