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To Create a Better Future

It could be said correctly that "we live in interesting times" and while things may seem a little grim right now, we can create our own future.  For example:

  • We can get towns off the grid so that they can operate independently.  
  • We can talk to our local councils and let them know what we want, and what they can do for us. Similarly with State and Federal Governments.  Remember THEY WORK FOR US, and are here to do our WILL.
  • And much more.
For example, to contact and email every Australian State and Federal Politician, you can use Clem Clarke's email list here:
Global leaders can be contacted at Rowland Benjamin's excellent environmental website  here:

To stop the destruction of the environment (Ecocide), join with Scottish barrister Polly Higgins here:  http://pollyhiggins.com/ and here: http://eradicatingecocide.com/polly/

To see how money was created, and how we can operate without it, see Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Party here:  https://ubuntuplanet.org/ and here: http://www.michaeltellinger.com/.  There is an Australian branch of the Ubuntu Party: https://aus.ubuntuplanet.org/

And despite major problems in the Catholic Church, the Pope is promoting organic food and a total revamp of the financial system so that we will no longer be slaves to the man made monetary system. 

And there is much more.