Essential Services

How would existing services react, cope? Would the most essential services be available when needed? Can we expect cooperation from government? When societies have collapsed in the past large numbers have died, and the locality became more important than the town.

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Discussion Points.

  • Role for SES, police, military and Council
  • Are authorities likely to be adaptive or rule-bound?
  • As heat approaches 50C how do we keep cool
  • Solar powered air conditioning needs to be invented
  • Wildfires and protection with petrol shortage, EV fire brigades
  • How recuperate after firestorm, cyclone, flooding
  • How replace gear, hospital equipment, solar clinics, hospitals
  • Security: regional, patrols, guns, tasers
  • Outside intruders, theft from locals, protect stores, cars
  • working bees, integrate refugees from the coast and cities
  • Health, dentistry, eyes, nurses, doctors will need support
  • Pharmacists and herbalists make drugs
  • Drug supply, alternatives as imports dry up
  • Training more professionals

How much of this needs to be in place quickly, before its too late